Outstanding Performances, Improved Athleticism, Sport Specific Knowledge, Nutrition

Management, and Exceptional Physical Development, are the Standards and Goals

Coach Green establishes for his Athletes, and have been doing so for 30 years!

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Links for College Bound Athletes

Educational Reference for High School Student-Athletes and Parents

A stronger work ethic, college preparation, and time management skills are attributes student-athletes learn in high school with Green Athletics. This helps create a more successful transition from high school into college, both in the classroom and on the playing field.

Coach Green's goal for student athletes includes preparing them for success beyond the high school level. This starts with an emphasis on academics first, as the academically accomplished student-athlete creates numerous opportunities for themselves with college admissions.

Next is a focus on athletic performance and physical development, which includes discipline and life-long goals. The investment a parent makes with Coach Green not only will be evident with their student-athlete's on-field performance, but also with their maturity and learned exercise and nutrition skills.

Last but certainly very important, is teaching student-athletes the importance of social responsibility and respectful interaction with their peers, coaches, and mentors. This translates to the type of student-athlete college coaches and employers seek out.

Is College Athletics on Your Radar?

Student-athletes are a valued and important part of almost every high school and college throughout our nation. During high school athletic participation is meant to be fun, but winning is still a priority. In college, sports participation and events become big business, and requires a full time commitment by student-athletes. 

Talented student-athletes are a valued commodity and are actively recruited by 1700 colleges and universities throughout the USA. The accomplished student-athlete and their ongoing efforts becomes a very big part of the college experience and culture on campus.

For those student-athletes who have the talent, work ethic, commitment, and resume to play on the collegiate level, ongoing research and understanding the rules and regulations, is critical for the successful transition from high school athletics into college athletics. 

"​If college athletics is on your student-athlete's radar, I suggest reviewing the following websites, including applicable sections for educational requirements, athletic participation, admissions, entrance exams, plus scholarship and grant opportunities."   Coach Green

Texas High School Governing Institutions




University and College Governing Institutions






College Admissions Test Sites - SAT and ACT



Federal Financial Aid Website


​College Test Preparation and College Rankings


​www. usnews.com/rankings

Research and Guide to Colleges


​Job Search For College Student-Athletes


​Faith Based Website for Student-Athletes


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