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Coach Green

Building Bigger, Stronger and Faster, Athletic Athletes in Great Condition, since 1987

Joe Torre

MLB Manager

Four time World Series Champion Manager Joe Torre, used and recommended Coach Green's performance meals and nutritional serves to his players and coaches for eight years. The 1998 New York Yankees team was named by ESPN as the greatest team of the twentieth century. Five players, three coaches, and two trainers used Coach Green's services that year. ​​

Chuck Knoblauch

MLB Second Basemen

After winning Rookie of the Year and a World Series Championship, with the Minnesota Twins, Chuck still wanted to improve. For the next seven years Chuck trained with Coach Green in the gym and on the track, and ate his performance meals. During that time, Chuck won three more World Series Championships with the New York Yankees, and played in three more All Star games. Coach Green's training and nutrition program was recognized in the 1996 Sports Illustrated article "Prime Chuck," for Chuck's improved physical fitness and on field performance. 

Marcus Robertson

NFL Defensive Back

All Pro Safety, Marcus Robertson of the Tennessee Titans hired Coach Green to help him get in great shape with his nutritional products. For two years, Marcus utilized Coach Green's performance meals and sports performance nutritional guidelines. During this time Marcus competed in the Super Bowl and was selected to another Pro Bowl. Coach Green also trained the family of the Tennessee Titans President for eight years. 

Mike Stanton

MLB Pitcher

Mike competed in six World Series and has won three championship rings. An All Star with the New York Yankees, he has the second most pitching appearances in Major League Baseball history. Mike has used and recommended Coach Greens athletic and nutrition services for over fifteen years. 

Scott Padgett

NBA Forward

After his NCAA Championship at Kentucky and his All American award, Scott was drafted into the NBA. Recommended by Rockets' team trainer, Scott hired Coach Green to help him pack on muscle to compete with the physical play within the league. Coach Green was also the trainer for the Rockets team owner's family during the late 1980's and through the mid 1990's. 

Warren Moon

NFL Quarterback

When he reached the pinnacle of his career, Warren Moon still had the ambition to compete. Recognizing his nutrition management was a major factor for staying in shape, maintaining high levels of energy, and recovering from workouts and practices, Warren employed Coach Green's nutritional services for the next three years. As most know, he is now in the NFL Hall of Fame.