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Sports Performance Nutrition for Athletes

​​​​​​​​​ Over 3000 clients and 2000 award winning Athletes, Coaches, Scouts, and Trainers, including All    State student-athletes in ten sports, have used and recommended Coach Green's services.    Through many years of research and development with a registered dietitian, plus the actual    application with hundreds of athletes, Coach Green's Performance Based Sports Nutritional    Program is specifically designed for exceptional Physical Development, elite Sports Performance,    faster Muscular Recuperation and Recovery, efficient Body Fat Management, energetic Workouts      and Practices, and exceptional Game Time Performances!

Coach Green's Nutrition Program is an integral part of his Total Package Training Program

A Short List of Clients / Teams / Corporations

Houston Rockets Basketball

New York Yankees Baseball

Houston Cougars Football

Bellaire Cardinal Baseball

Baylor Sports Medicine

PFIT Certification


​​What does an NFL Hall of Fame football athlete, a College All American basketball player and

NBA first round draft pick, and a High School All American baseball player have in common?

Coach Green's Performance Based Nutrition Program! ​​


Coach Green

Building Bigger, Stronger and Faster, Athletic Athletes in Great Condition, since 1987 

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​The Most Detailed and Results Oriented,

Performance Based Nutrition Program Available!

​​​Coach Green has published over 100 articles on strength training, athletic development, and performance specific nutrition, while also lecturing for professional and amateur sports teams. He has taught certification classes, trained and counseled hundreds of award winning athletes on all levels including professional All Star and All Pro athletes, college and high school All Americans.

A History of Great Results

ESPN voted the 1998 World Series Champion, the New York Yankees the greatest team of the 20th century. Five All Star players, three coaches, and two trainers used Coach Green's performanced based nutritional services that year!

In 2016 the top four "1000" pound club members of the Memorial High school football team all trained with Coach Green and followed his nutrition program, including the top two all time strength leaders in the history of the football program, Andrew Jadick and Joe Bissinger.

Coach Green's Sports Performance Nutrition Publications

The Foundation for Growth, Recovery, and Performance

Improving Physical Development through Nutrition

Improving Sports Performance through Nutrition

Exclusive for Coach Green's Athletes and Clients