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Training  Progression

Coach Green's Physical Development Training Protocol

Middle School Prep          Freshmen High School Prep

High School Varsity Prep          Elite Varsity / College Bound Prep

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In today's world of championship amateur athletic competition, establishing a physical development program in conjunction with an athlete's position specific skills training, is necessary to compete with and beat the best. Extracurricular training should begin in middle school, increased to a high level of intensity and participation in high school, and stepped up to a very advanced level for future and current college athletes.

Over 90% of the talented student-athletes who have started with Coach Green in middle school and completed his training program in high school, have developed into exceptional high school athletes. Most have moved on to play on the collegiate level, or had the opportunity to do so. That said it's never to late to start, as there have been many high school sophomores and juniors who have stepped into the program and had exceptional varsity seasons, soon thereafter.

Middle school and high school athletes are often subjected to workout programs of limited scope, supervision, balance, and consistency in school. School coaches do their best to implement proven training programs at school, but the reality is this: the athletic governing bodies of high school sports, (for example in Texas - UIL, TAPPS, and SPC), impose strict time limitations on training schedules and what can be done in any given workout session. Furthermore, rules vary throughout the school year and summer.

EXTRACURRICULAR  Sports Performance Training, Weight Lifting, Speed and Agility, Sports Nutrition, Camps and Combines, are here to stay, and the best athletes take advantage of the extra training!

Some athletes choose to participate in "big group" extracurricular programs such as running and agility. These type of programs may be of some benefit for a young athlete, but more often than not, they fail to address the various strength and muscle building requirements a teenage athlete needs to successfully compete against the very best competition, while significantly reducing the chance of serious injury. This is especially true on the high school varsity level, and in all contact sports.

Minimizing the risk of sports injuries is only possible with a balanced training program that includes age appropriate strength training and muscle building workouts. Simply put, when a bigger and stronger athlete comes into contact with a smaller and/or weaker athlete, the incident of sports injuries increases for the weaker athlete. 

The ability to develop each athlete's body to their full potential, while having them progress to an advanced level of strength, speed, athleticism, and conditioning is necessary for outstanding game time performances. This is where Coach Green's physical development training, athletic performance workouts, and sports nutrition programs really stand out. 

Listed below is a overview of Athletic Training Progressions with Green Athletics USA

Middle  School  Prep  is an important time in a young athlete's physical development. Establishing the proper foundation for building an athletic body, while reducing the risk of injuries, is the primary focus. Body weight exercises, core strength, and sport specific functional movements, in conjunction with proper nutrition, are introduced at this phase of a young athlete's development. Correct biomechanical techniques and exercise movements are taught in the gym and in the weight room.   Ages 11 through 13

​Freshmen High School Prep ​is mandatory preparation for developing athletes with goals of competing at an advanced level in high school and possibly beyond. Building a much stronger, athletic, and muscular body, while increasing size and lean body mass, are emphasized. Training intensity and pace, recuperation and recovery, sport and fitness specific nutrition, discipline and accountability, plus managing each athlete's specific needs, are included in this progression.   Ages 13 through 15

High School Varsity Prep  ​includes advanced weight training, posterior chain development, and mass building routines. Introduction and proper analysis of power lifting techniques and explosive movements are standard protocol. Training intensity is increased with super sets, giant sets, and overload training principles. Position specific functional strength training, advanced total body - muscular development, sports performance nutrition, practice and game time health management, are all included.   Ages 15 through 17

Elite  Varsity  and  College  Bound  Prep  ​is specifically designed for athletes who plan on excelling at the highest level during high school, and/or also need to develop a college ready body. Increasing athletic strength, power, size, and explosiveness are part of an advanced physical development and weight training program designed for each athlete's specific needs, sport, and position. College and select team camp preparation is included. This level of strength training is mandatory for the college bound athlete.   Ages 16 through 19

Off Season College Development is an advanced training and analytical program designed to construct specific training and nutrition protocols for future and current college athletes. An athlete's measureables including their size, length, body weight, lean body mass, strength, power, speed, explosiveness, quickness, footwork, reaction, vertical leap, flexibility, hand-eye coordination, muscular recuperation, and nutrition management are all critiqued. The necessary adjustments and improvements are made through a comprehensive one - on - one training protocol with Coach Green.   ​Ages 17 through 23

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